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Is someone you love in prison? Did your loved one have a lawyer standing beside him and fighting for him? Do you believe that person’s rights were not adequately protected? Is your loved one being considered for parole soon and you want every advantage?


Meet Janis Mann, Attorney at Law


After 10 years as a public defender, Ms. Mann went into private practice. Ms. Mann’s practice focuses on helping individuals after they have been convicted of crimes. Ms. Mann knows that someone doesn’t need the assistance of an attorney simply because they have been convicted of a felony.  She works tirelessly to find ways to help people return to their lives outside of prison walls, to reunite them with their families and creates plans for successful re-entry (return to the life outside of prison walls) to reduce the likelihood of returning to prison for each client.


Ms. Mann went to law school with the desire to help people, believing that everyone, regardless of financial status, deserved an attorney who would zealously defend them and ensure that they were treated fairly. After seeing a loved one receive a prison sentence, Ms. Mann was faced with the reality that few people had a zealous advocate after they were convicted of felonies. Knowing that she could help, Ms. Mann dedicates her time and efforts to helping people who were convicted of felonies to return to life outside of prison walls and creates a plan for success that lowers the likelihood of recidivism (that person re-offending and returning to jail/prison). After earning her B.A. at Georgia State University and her Juris Doctorate at Georgia State College of Law, with an honors distinction for her commitment to public interest work, Ms. Mann has helped thousands of people accused of crimes.

Services Provided

Sentence Modifications

Mandatory Minimum Cases:

Recent change in Georgia allow which allows for a “downward departure” which essentially gives Judges the option of giving someone less than the “mandatory minimum” on certain charges.


Juveniles Sentenced to Life Without Parole (LWOP):

Recent Supreme Court cases found it unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to LWOP without an evaluation of that person’s “unique circumstances”.


Retroactive First Offender:

Recent change in Georgia law allows Judges to retroactively designate someone as a First Offender. If you or your loved one was in fact a first offender when originally sentenced and is currently eligible to be designated as a First Offender, the Mann Law Group can petition the Court to retroactively sentence you or your loved one as a First Offender.

Petition for Parole and Plan for Success (a.k.a. Parole Package)

When the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole (BPaP) considers whether or not to grant your loved one early release from prison though parole, the BPaP should have any and all information relevant to that decision. The BPaP routinely does an investigation into each individual and their case when making the parole decision but that investigation is one-sided when nothing is submitted on your loved one’s behalf. A parole package, while not required by the Board, is an opportunity to show the BPaP that your loved one is more than a DOC identification number, to help the Board see your loved one for who s/he is and to give the BPaP confidence that your loved one will not re-offend and return to the prison system.


The Mann Law Group creates and submits a presentation for the BPaP to use as a tool when evaluating your LO for parole, including but not limited to: an introduction to who your loved one is, a summary and explanation of any past criminal history, an examination of how your loved one’s decisions resulted in prison time, any mitigating information and a re-entry plan which lays out a re-entry plan for success. The purpose of this presentation is to persuade the BPaP that your LO has the proper state of mind to return to life outside of prison after serving a sufficient amount of prison time and that s/he has a support system and access to resources that ensures s/he will not re-offend and return to jail/prison.

Parole & Probation Violations

Being arrested for a parole or probation violation does not mean an automatic trip back to prison. Having a lawyer represent your LO in this situation means that their rights will be protected, the Judge will hear more than just the prosecutor’s beliefs about a possible violation and there will be a lawyer in court, tirelessly fighting to prevent your loved one from returning to jail/prison.

Early Termination of Probation

If you have already completed the terms of your probation (i.e. paid any fines/fees, completed community service hours, completed any required classes etc.) it may be possible for the Court to terminate your probation, removing you from supervision by the State. An attorney can petition the Court to terminate your probation and present all the information needed to show the Judge that this is the best decision.

Case Evaluations

A case evaluation involves a thorough review of all case material, including but not limited to: court documents, the DA’s file, defense attorney’s file, interview(s) with client, interview(s) with new or previously uncooperative witnesses and investigation of any matters previously ignored or not disclosed. After thoroughly reviewing all case information, relevant statues, case law and recent court decisions, Ms. Mann will discuss any and all options she determines could possibly help your LO obtain the goal of release from prison and reduce the likelihood of recidivism (re-offending and returning to jail and/or prison).

One Hour Consultations

If you have a legal concern that is outside of the services listed here, you are more than welcome to contact us today for a consultation. Appointments for a 1 hour consultation can be made to determine what the legal issue is, what potential remedies exist and how we can be of assistance. When retained, the fee paid for the consultation will be deducted from the other legal fees.

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