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Is someone you love in prison? Did your loved one have a lawyer standing beside him and fighting for him? Do you believe that person’s rights were not adequately protected? Is your loved one being considered for parole soon and you want every advantage?


BA in Philosophy, Georgia State University, 2004.  Juris Doctorate, Georgia State University College of Law, 2007.  Member of the Georgia State Bar, 2007.  Member of National Criminal Defense Lawyers and Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Wife and mother.  Still doesn’t understand football but loves kickboxing.  On weekends can be found spending time with her husband and daughter, making DIY cards and trying to get her dog trained.

Meet Janis Mann, Attorney at Law


“She is strong-willed, determined and always ready for a fight.” Those words may not sound like compliments, but those are exactly the words you want to hear when someone describes your attorney.


Meet, Janis Mann, Attorney at Law.  After spending nearly a decade as a trial lawyer in a public defender office, Attorney Mann founded The Mann Law Group LLC, where she focuses on post-conviction cases.  She works tirelessly to help clients return to their lives outside of prison walls, equipped with plans for success, helping to ensure the next time she hears from those clients, it is not because of a new arrest.


Attorney Mann enrolled at Georgia State University College of Law with the sole goal of being a public defender.  She knew the criminal justice system was not always fair and believed that she could help balance the scales of justice, one case at a time.   She defended thousands of clients, charged with crimes of all types, from speeding tickets and DUIs, to armed robbery and murder (and everything in between).   


After seeing someone she loves sent to prison, she realized the fight for justice does not end when someone is found guilty of a crime.  When representing a client post-conviction, there are multiple ways Attorney Mann can help, including sentence modifications, advocating for early release via parole, writs of habeas corpus and appeals. 

Services Provided

Sentence Modifications

Mandatory Minimum Cases:

Recent change in Georgia allow which allows for a “downward departure” which essentially gives Judges the option of giving someone less than the “mandatory minimum” on certain charges.

Juveniles Sentenced to Life Without Parole (LWOP):

Recent Supreme Court cases found it unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to LWOP without an evaluation of that person’s “unique circumstances”.

Retroactive First Offender:

Recent change in Georgia law allows Judges to retroactively designate someone as a First Offender. If you or your loved one was in fact a first offender when originally sentenced and is currently eligible to be designated as a First Offender, the Mann Law Group LLC can petition the Court to retroactively sentence you or your loved one as a First Offender.

Parole & Probation Violations

Being arrested for a parole or probation violation does not mean an automatic trip back to prison. Having a lawyer represent your LO in this situation means that their rights will be protected, the Judge will hear more than just the prosecutor’s beliefs about a possible violation and there will be a lawyer in court, tirelessly fighting to prevent your loved one from returning to jail/prison.

Early Termination of Probation

If you have already completed the terms of your probation (i.e. paid any fines/fees, completed community service hours, completed any required classes etc.) it may be possible for the Court to terminate your probation, removing you from supervision by the State. An attorney can petition the Court to terminate your probation and present all the information needed to show the Judge that this is the best decision.

Case Evaluations

A case evaluation involves a thorough review of all case material, including but not limited to: court documents, the DA’s file, defense attorney’s file, interview(s) with client, interview(s) with new or previously uncooperative witnesses and investigation of any matters previously ignored or not disclosed. After thoroughly reviewing all case information, relevant statues, case law and recent court decisions, Ms. Mann will discuss any and all options she determines could possibly help your LO obtain the goal of release from prison and reduce the likelihood of recidivism (re-offending and returning to jail and/or prison).

One Hour Consultations

If you have a legal concern that is outside of the services listed here, you are more than welcome to contact us today for a consultation. Appointments for a 1 hour consultation can be made to determine what the legal issue is, what potential remedies exist and how we can be of assistance. When retained, the fee paid for the consultation will be deducted from the other legal fees.

Janis Mann: Success Stories

State v. S.Z.

S.Z. was 18 years old when she was arrested Armed Robbery (4 counts), Aggravated Assault (4 counts), and Possession of Firearm During Commission of a Felony (3 counts).  She was sentenced to 20 years, with the first 10 years to be served in confinement.  There were 3 separate armed robbery incidents, occurring in a 2 day time span and there were 2 co-defendants involved in each incident. S.Z. was present during each armed robbery and pointed an AirSoft “gun” during one of the armed robberies, but no one was injured during any of these incidents. S.Z. was the youngest of all three involved in these incidents and she was not the “mastermind” behind any of them. While S.Z. didn’t immediately conform to life in prison (she received disciplinary reports for minor infractions, most at the beginning of her time in prison),  she quickly learned to follow the rules and focus on her education. She received glowing letters of recommendation, after completing her high school education and Associates Degree. 

Attorney Mann was able to have S.Z.’s sentence modified, with the District Attorney’s consent, under O.C.G.A. 17-10-6.1. After serving approximately 7.5 years, S.Z. was released and will serve the balance of her sentence on probation.

State v. F.E.

F.E. was sent to prison for a probation violation on an Armed Robbery, after being found guilty of new charges. GDC did not give F.E. credit for approximately 6 weeks that he spent in the county jail, because the sentencing judge did not indicate he should receive credit for that time towards his period of incarceration. The law in Georgia only requires that the time spent in jail be credited towards a person’s sentence (including probation), not their time in custody.

Almost 2 years later, Attorney Mann was able to have F.E.’s sentence modified by the Judge, giving him credit for that 6 weeks and he was released right when Covid-19 began to spread through the prisons.

State v. R.M.C.

Less than 60 days before R.M.C. was scheduled to be released on parole, he was issued a disciplinary report and found guilty involvement in an officer at the prison being stabbed. R.M.C.’s release date was in jeopardy and he was faced with the possibility of “maxing out” his sentence, by spending another 2 years in custody. Attorney Mann successfully argued that simply being found guilty of a prison disciplinary issue, without evidence that would be found credible in Superior Court, was not sufficient to keep her client in prison and R.M.C. returned home to his family, without any additional time spent in prison.

State v. P.L.D.

 P.L.D. was 13 years old when he was arrested for aggravated child molestation of his siblings. P.L.D. was himself a child, having barely started puberty when he was arrested. The State saw the allegations against him and looked no further, charging him as an adult. Attorney Mann refused to believe that this child was the monster that the State portrayed him to be. Months of developing the attorney/client relationship led to P.L.D. finally revealing the sexual abuse that he had suffered, which began before he started kindergarten. Despite being indicted as an adult in Superior court, P.L.D.’s case was sent back to Juvenile Court, where he was given the opportunity for intensive treatment, counseling and to continue his education before returning back to a stable home environment, all before his 18th birthday.

State v. J.T.D

J.T.D. was 15 years old when he confessed to murdering a neighbor, an older man who was giving him and a friend a ride home. The victim’s body was found on the side of the road, abandoned after he was shot from behind. J.T.D. confessed after being told that his co-defendant had already spoken to police and implicated him in the murder. With her client facing the possibility of life without parole, Attorney Mann had to search beyond the newspaper headlines to learn the whole story behind what happened. By learning her client’s story and understanding what lead up to this tragic event, she was able to negotiate a sentence which makes J.T.D. eligible for parole, giving him something to live for, rather than settle for a life behind prison walls with nothing to lose.

7.1Janis Francesca Mann

“Janis Mann is kind and relentless! She comforted me and gave me hope when I had no more. My son is being released from prison this Friday (August 30, 2019) because of her. A few weeks ago the prison found him guilty of a bogus violation, they had no proof at all. They were going to keep him for over 2 more years. He and I felt so defeated until Janis stepped in. She fought relentlessly for him, she comforted me all along the way. I have never met an attorney like her. She is passionate about her work and it shows in the results. I would recommend her to anyone! She is an Angel sent from God and I am so thankful I found her!”

“Janis is an outstanding attorney who genuinely cares about her clients. My husband has been through about 4 other lawyers who did not do half of what Janis has done. Janis calls and visits my husband and I thank God for leading me to her. She is going to keep it honest with you and she is a fighter. When my husband have any issues Janis is on the case and will make some phone calls and his issue is resolved immediately. I sleep peacefully knowing my husband has an awesome attorney fighting for him. I highly recommend her trust me you will not regret it….”

“Janis is one of the most knowledge people I have ever met. As a public defender with the DeKalb Felony Adult Court her ability to explain and guide clients through the process was exceptional. She works hard for her clients and keeps everything 100% real.”

“Janis is an outstanding attorney who genuinely cares about her clients. My husband has been through about 4 other lawyers who did not do half of what Janis has done. Janis calls and visits my husband and I thank God for leading me to her. She is going to keep it honest with you and she is a fighter. When my husband have any issues Janis is on the case and will make some phone calls and his issue is resolved immediately. I sleep peacefully knowing my husband has an awesome attorney fighting for him. I highly recommend her trust me you will not regret it…..”

“Janis Mann – what can I say – she is the BEST!!!! When I first met Janis almost a year ago I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have a lot of trust in attorneys so meeting a new one was very stressful. Janis made me feel more than comfortable. She made me feel like a human being. Janis asked me a lot of questions and she listened to every word I said. She was very thorough. She even gave me a list of “homework items” to better help her get to know me and my case. Janis cares about her clients. She will go above and beyond to help her clients get the justice they deserve. She is a fighter!!! Janis was also very nice to my family. When they had questions she was there to answer them.

I highly recommend her to anybody that needs an attorney.”

I first came into contact with Janis in 2015, when deep into Heroin Addiction and after getting arrested on a felony shoplifting case the Court appointed Attorney Mann to me. I have over 20 felony convictions and have over 30 years of incarceration behind me due to Drug Addiction. I’ve had alot of Attorneys, and I can honestly say ;
Janis Mann is by far the best attorney I have ever had. She seen me as a friend and recognized my Drug Addiction, and instead of letting the “system” throw me back in Prison, as they always did, she got me into a Drug Program. I am alive, Drug free and FREE today because of her.
If she did that for me, imagine what she WILL DO FOR YOU! She is very passionate when it comes to fighting for her Clients. AND she will not stop until she gets what she wants. She is the absolute BEST I know. I recommend her to ANYONE!

“Janis hands down, is the BEST attorney I have ever dealt with. She is honest, knowledgeable and extremely experienced. She is a fighter and will not stop until the case can be settled reasonably. She will be permanently saved in my contacts and will call if I ever need an attorney in the future! I recommend her to any person who needs a caring and honest lawyer.”

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